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Systematic Kinesiology is a therapy  which truly treats the whole person.


As a therapist I use a muscle test to read the body and assess where a weakness is and what that is attributed to, either physical, emotional or energy related Factors. There are 42 possible muscles  that can be used to test.


Due to its completely holistic nature Kinesiology can help with any issue a client may have by simply looking beyond the presented symptoms. Digestive issues, IBS, depression, anxiety, thyroid problems, eczema, and system intolerances are just a few of the very common ailments that clients seek out Kinesiology treatment for.


Once the body starts to ache, have pain, and have reduced function, the mind is struggles to cope, and lethargy, stress, depression and anxiety set in..this is when we react, we try to treat our symptoms.


Kinesiology can strip away the layers that have built up to the acute state and often get back to the root cause...acknowledging the cause and not the symptom. Bringing an overall since of relief and giving the body space to cope and start to get well.

Clients leave sessions feeling lighter and with a much greater understanding of their symptoms and how they can be helped.

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