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Adult Initial Consultation

In the first instance all my clients have an initial consultation, this takes around one and a half hours, a full case history is taken and the main reasons for the visit are discussed. At the end of this session we will establish the need for further appointments. In most cases three sessions are needed to get through the initial imbalances to enable us to tackle some of the underlying issues. But it depends entirely on the individual and how long a problem or symptom has been going on.

90 Minutes £75

Follow Ups

A follow up appointment is usually around an hour and we look back on what has improved from last time and continue our good work. When food sensitivities have been established and changes have been made it is great to see the improvements in the system.

60 Minutes £60


Package Price - Can be organised in session

To make it as cost effective as possible I offer a discount for 3 appointments paid together. As clients often need 3 appointments, particularly on the outset, this works well and clients like to know that they have paid for their appointments and can book them in when they need them.

3 x Sessions Inc Initial Consultation £175 (saving £20)

3 x Follow Up Sessions £165 (saving £15)


Young Children

Kinesiology is suitable for any age. Children from the age of 5 or 6 cope very well with muscle testing and find it quite fun. Young children and babies are treated through a surrogate, either a parent or companion who can make it to the appointment.

Upto 12 years

60 Minute Initial Consultation £45

45 Minute Follow Ups £40


Young Adults

Young adults have the stamina to cope with almost full length appointments. This is great as it helps to have more time to cover all the complex emotions going on during this tricky development time that often get in the way of getting well and feeling confident.

13-19 years

(and those still in full-time education ie university students)

75 Minute Initial Consultation £60

60 Minute Follow Up £45

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