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Kinesiology works brilliantly for children from birth right through the tricky teenage years.

As parents or carers of young ones, we are all in the same boat, we are striving to help them climb that hill towards their true potential and doing our best to lift their spirits to rise above pitfalls and glide through life happily and easily.

My philosophy is that children are simply people, like the rest of us, they are coping with stress and disappointment and fighting off illnesses the same way we are as adults. 

This is why they suffer with poor sleep, digestive issues, skin complaints, depressive moods, stress and anxiety like the rest of us do. Again, like many adults they do not have the tools to deal with these issues and so can develop dis'ease' in their systems resulting in common ailments such as eczema, persistant colds, chest infections, ear infections, throat infections, tummy aches, constipation and also behavioural problems as a result.

I am passionate about helping children to build confidence, clear stress and develop robust self-esteem to help them towards a bright and happy future.

My kinesiology tool kit is crammed with great techniques for helping our children be the best they can be...Well Balanced Kids!!

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